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Introduction and Welcome

What’s it all about (this website)?


The information here is intended to help you to learn and understand the game/sport of Darts.


You will be able to understand the kinds of people who have Darts as a part of their life.


You will be able to understand what kinds of organizations are involved in Darts.


You will be able to maximize your enjoyment of Darts.


There is information here you may use to improve how well you play this game/sport.


There is a lot of information here for you to dig around in and from which to learn/improve. Please do, dig and poke around, and let me know what you think.


Flight School introduction and description

Flight School


It’s my hope that everyone maximizes their enjoyment of darts and progresses as far along the path as they wish to go from League Dart Player to international Dart Shooter.


If you have been at the game a while but find it difficult to move up to the next level of play – this is the program you want. Over come stagnation of your game with FS.


If you are new to the game and wish to learn the ins and outs- this is the program you want.


Flight School is an on-line (email) tutorial.

FS is useful to Dart Players (recreational level) and Dart Shooters (competitor level).

FS is much more than a couple of practice drills or ‘games’ to play.

FS is a program that allows a person to grow their game from the basics up to world class level if they wish.


Dart people receive help with organizing their efforts to become as good as can be, or wish to be. This help begins with identification of specific things which the person may wish to improve (action) and/or specific things about which they wish to know more (study/learn). 

Drills and Techniques, as well as personal suggestions for specific concerns, are supplied which are used to establish an effective practice regimen. This practice regimen has a proven track record with over three hundred current members and is all a person needs through out their dart life. (check out Ramblings & Ah Hah Moments)


Those who purchase my book “DARTS Beginning to End” will find Chapter 8.0 a chapter for do-it-yourself FS and may only need a bit of advice for organizing their practice regimen, which I will happily provide, as well as everything it takes to get the most out of the game/sport of darts.