A major tilt

RNLarry wrote:

George, Thanks sooo much with Flight School! Last night our team won the county champion ship. I give credit to FS , you and hard practice. I won all my matches including the last (deciding game against #1 ranked player) with a 140 check out! And I ened up ranked 3rd in the county btw. FS works if ya work it guys. All the Best, Larry PS I’m 65 years old and my first year playing steel
GeorgeSilberzah wrote:
What a nice thing to start my day – week – rest of my life with.
jakesy wrote:
Sounds like a tilt is in order my friend
Good job Larry. I remember it was not too long ago we you asked for advice and FS was recommended. Things like these are not only a feather in George’s cap but in all of ours that believe in the system and promote the system. George created a wonderful Epiphany and it has since grown legs and keeps walking on it’s own merits effecting more and more darters every day. George, your legacy is assured. Thank you.
GeorgeSilberzah wrote:
Yes, Yes – a tilt for Larry, from all nearly 600 of we Flight Schoolers, and, if he’s allowed to participate at his advanced age, Larry too. And then one more tilt for Flight School itself which, as Jakesy observes, appears to be helping raise the level of darts players we may not even know of. I was checking the clock but decided it’s too impressive an occasion to wait until official cocktail hour so had a salutary tilt of Graham’s 20 port with lunch. Every one hear the resounding ‘clink?’

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