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Hello All, I read Georges book about a month ago. Began flight school about 2 weeks ago. I have ben practicing using the FS techniques for about an hour a day. I begin my practice with grouping and once I feel like I have a good stroke going I move to spot shooting. For this hour I try to bring as much intensity and focus as I can muster. Now for the results….


Played in a league match Thursday. And using the FS techniques I could not be beat. Quick recap… I hit 10 consecutive bulls. Had a ton, 121, 140, c6. But what I was impressed with most is when I needed to hit 3 pennies it was just like being in my living room snap, krackle, pop… To make a long story short at the end of the match one of my opponents said to me aren’t you embarrassed to be playing in ”C” conference.


Amazing, I have always ben a pretty good shot. But with the help of FS physical and mental regiments. My game has improved greatly in a short amount of time.

Thanks George

All the Best




 What up FSers, Just wanted to share some progress with everyone. This week My team played the best team in my league. I believe I put to much pressure on myself during the doubles portion of the match (2 losses).


I drew a bye in my singles cricket (bar had 2 boards used the time to practice grouping only.) Then for my singles 301 I drew one of the best players in the league. I knew it was all on me now, no excuses for another loss. Without going into to much detail I started slow and so did he. I played so bad that he had 59 left to my 98 and I could just tell by the look on his face that he thought he had this game in the bag.


What he didn’t know is that I had practiced all week spot shooting and that my practice was about to pay off. “98” 60-38.. Where is the hole? I see it. A little tuft hanging there. BANG! 60 scored 38 left. Where’s the hole? I see it! A small piece of shadow just hanging there in the corner. Bang! Game Over.


I pull my 2 DARTS out of the board and turn to shake his hand. His look of smugness turned to a look of bewilderment.


I spent the next 2 hours or so in another bar playing for drinks and drinking for free. What else can I say FS works… All The Best  Bernard


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