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The main thing that I have noticed in my match days is the increase in ‘saviour’ darts. You know the ones when you put a one in the big 1, one in the big 5 and you step back and throw the T20 to give you something that is acceptable. As George keeps telling me patience and the focus will come at game time.


I have also noticed an increase in hitting the treble for setting up a 2 dart finish and that I now can hit a double after the first dart!! Used to be that if I didn’t hit it with the first dart, I was as well walking up and taking my dart back. Now I feel better moving to get a better view and throwing round the other darts.


While I still feel like I can improve more, the improvement I notice and my team mates notice make the discipline to do the drill every day at least once seem easy.


Thanks George, time is a valued thing and I would hate to think how many hours you have spent on my pm’s and emails


All the best


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