Davin wrote

I just got through throwing some accuracy!




I just threw 14 targets, in about 33 minutes or so.


I hit 4 “9 counts” some being dbls so not really “9” counts and didn’t keep track of “6” counts.


I started off slowly but it was the most evenly marked accuracy I’ve ever thrown. My last 3 shots were the final 9. 18 17 15!!!


I noticed the only thing i did differently was slow down. I treated almost every dart as if it were my last dart to win the game. It’s how I’ve been winning blind draws with way lesser partners lately. Just knowing I have to do it all, (not being conceited, just honest) I make sure every single dart is huge!


I have a work buddy coming to play tomorrow night and he’s bringing a couple of his buddies. He hears me talking about darts every day and ask me how i did the night before almost everyday so I wanted to have a good practice session. Sure enough I did. Mostly likely the best ever!


I started out and was only going to try for 3 marks each number but i got in a groove and decided lets do it all the way! Glad I did! I prolly won’t be able to go to sleep for awhile now. And i have to be at work at 830. Good thing i had a nice nap!


I’m loving these drills George. I try to do it at least 4 times a week now.”



Reply from George S.

I can’t tell you the sense of satisfaction I get when I learn of some one such as yourself having an Ah-Ha moment with what FS and “Accuracy” is all about.

It’s just fabulous for me to know you’ve “gotten” it, so many do not.

Thanks for keeping me up dated.

Your friend in darts, George S.

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