Flight Schooler’s Confirmation

How I know flight school works and the practice drills contained within do help.

I haven’t practiced accuracy in a couple of months. Not because I’m lazy, well kinda, but just because I’m trying different things and they don’t work. League starts tomorrow. My stroke has sucked for a month; barely winning anything. Normally I carry my partners in blind draws… hasn’t been happening. Getting ousted first and second rounds every time – very frustrating. Not able to play pick up games with some of our best darters and not able to give them my best games. They tell me I’m sucking – that I’m not throwing good darts etc., tell me I need to change darts – more weight etc. I CAN’T STAND IT! Yet I have done nothing about it. I know I know… it’s stupid.

Anyway, I have struggled and struggled lately. My stroke feels a mess. Well I decided to do some accuracy with just 12 targets. It took me 1 hr and 11 some odd minutes. That’s ridiculous! BUT, I found a light at the end of tunnel. Upon practicing accuracy, I found my stroke! I hit 2 or 3 “9 counts” towards the end. Triple 19 which I know I have told you used to be my worst number was the first closed. Double bull was somewhere in the middle. Triple 16 however was the last and it’s normally one of my favs.. weird… I only had one mark on it when I closed everything else out and then I closed it within 2 minutes ….I hit a couple of back to backers… anyway, accuracy found my stroke again..

I have been trying out this dart pro program that everyone talks about but it did nothing but mount frustrations!

Your drills work George…I have to get back to it… for in a couple of weeks, I have to play with a partner who could very well be the best player in the USA if he actually ever played in tournaments…. his dad was a world soft tip champ… even played Bristow in an exhibition.. he even whipped the best in our Premier league final…so anyway, I can’t let him down! I’ve got to get back to flight school … I read some of your latest article in the new ben that arrived today and it clicked… I need GEORGE


From George S.

Sometimes Flight Schoolers remind me of my kids (they’re in their forties now) in this way.
I get a call from one of them and they say, “Hey dad, you know when you told me not to stick my finger in a pencil sharpener? Well, you were right, it hurts.” ShockedRazz

I’m happy that you are back to enjoying the game, now go get the big guns.

Rolling EyesAnd, if you get the chance let some other people benefit from your experience?
Your friend in darts, George S.

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