Man I love Flight School.


Hi, My name is Greg and I am a dart-a-holic. I play in a social league team (4th highest league in our area) and I am a so-so player. Some good darts, but mostly bad darts…. I used to be one of those throwers who would just pound the board aimlessly for a long while, or would always try to better my PB’s and get HIGHLY upset and frustrated when I could not. I would practice for 2 hours at a time, and leave the practice board feeling terrible about my darts. I considered quitting on many an occasion. I would start off well, but by the end of the practice, i was angry, frustrated and could not hit the broadside of a barn with a banjo….


But then, this year, I decided to commit to FS. It took me a while to do so, I actually got the initial documents last year some time…


So far I have been following the grouping and accuracy drills and have done 3 sessions so far. the first one was a real eye opener, I had 6 targets (30 marks in total, 5 each in T20, T19, T18, T17, T20 and 2x Bull). Took me 40 odd minutes to complete, I thought it would take me well over an hour. it used to take me half an hour plus just to hit 1 mark in each T20 – T10 and 2x Bull in order. I still felt strong after another hour of focused practiced games (this had never happened to me in the past). 2nd session, T20 – T10 and 2x Bull, 3 marks each (36 total targets) took me 45 minutes to complete, this after an hour of playing a well ‘oiled’ bar patron who seriously got under my skin and irritated me. Yesterday was the 3rd session, D20 – D10 and 2x Bull. took me 37 minutes to complete. Now I was expecting a full hour or so as doubles are not my strong point. After these few sessions, I now have a plan to increase my targets over the next month or so, until I am hitting 60 total targets in less than 1 hr.


I have never felt more controlled and focused with my darts. The drills, the reading material, all of it are a huge help.


Now I know that I may not be setting any records with my performances, but to me, I am twice the player I was at the beginning of the year and can feel that there is a whole lot more to come.


I just want to say a huge THANK you to George for allowing me to use this remarkable tool.


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