Perfecting Scoring- First Be ready

An FS enrollee wrote:



You’re the devil in human disguise aren’t ya George? You don’t like us very much huh? Very freaking humbling. One word: INSANE!


Course I haven’t been throwing very well this week, this drill showed me how fragile my mental state is in darts. I got down to negative 18 and just gave up. I set up jut to hit 7 scoring marks thinking whatever, too easy. Joke was in me. I certainly wasn’t mentally prepared to get a schlacking like that from a drill. No wonder why u emphasize do not attempt if u suck haha. I knew better than to try right now since my darts have nosed died this past week but I just wanted to understand what everyone has been talking about. Frank must be a premier amazing ridiculous shot!



I can’t wait to tackle this when my darts are up to par of how I’ve normally been throwing lately.


Awesome drill though. Oh I will be back! Count on it!”


Response from George S.


Thanks for validating my assessment of “Perfecting Scoring.”


I’m glad you enjoyed the experience – if not the outcome. The occasional eye opener is a good thing. Like playing against Frank when he’s on. Or someone on the pro tour. Gives a person a whole ‘nuther perspective, huh?


I’m trying to get people to understand that FS is a program which helps a person move along a path to being as good as can be and I want folks to understand that there really aren’t any short cuts. Being a top shelf competitor in this game/sport takes years and it takes all three practice types to come along together.

Above all, it takes patience and belief.


You’ll get there – just trust in FS and yourself.

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