I thought I would share a few bits on my progress since really starting on the drills a week ago. I have, where possible, set aside at least one a day for a week to go through the drill that George has sent me. Some of the drills can become extremely tedious; however you must remain focused and commit to hitting the target you have set yourself. Over the last week I have seen a gradual increase in the accuracy with the hitting of trebles and doubles I set each practice session.


My arm action, release and follow through have all been feeling good. Even my focus and concentration feel as though it has been ‘getting’ there. However, last night I played in our regular Wednesday night league and the whole arm action, release, focus etc., all went t!ts up! I lost 2-1 and threw the worst darts I had thrown all season. Why would this happen after all the ‘right’ practice and warm-up before the match everything felt good, I know it wasn’t nerves?


BTW I’m not quitter; I was so disgusted with the way I played last night, that before I set off to work this morning I decided to have 15 mins on the board just to reduce the potential mental damage and guess what, everything was back to normal, even hit a 180! I will be back on the board again tonight, but in the meantime please share your thoughts and progress.


John Part

Sometimes when you practice in a very regimented fashion you develop a comfort factor within that practice format and place. You invest much time on the practice board, and all of a sudden the league match seems like a very foreign place, with none of the comforts of home. Try to play as many real games as you can at the league venue on the night before play to help re-adjust your mindset to the real world.



I will certainly give that a go John.

In between comps, do you find practicing alone or playing 501 with some else best to improve your game and focus?


John Part

I have traditionally found practicing alone very effective. I like to supplement that with sessions against good players to help with the more practical side of playing in the real world.



Well back on the board last night and it was a good practice session, generally hitting all the targets I went for most of the time, grouping and accuracy were also good.

Arm action and release felt good.

Begged the wifey to let me out to the pub tonight so that I can get some ‘valuable’ (that’s how I put it) practice against other players ahead of an important cup match next week.

One thing is sure about darts and that is that 90% of the game is mental, if confidence is low, boy are my darts poor, but these are all areas to work on and using George’s practice routines definitely help with confidence.


George Silberzahn

It’s so good to hear the “stuff” works for you. I can’t tell you how that brightens my day. I hope you get a note from wifey so you can get that ‘valuable’ practice. Have a pint of practice for me?


Just thought I would check-in and share some more progress, because that’s what it is, positive progress – onwards and upwards!


I’ve been concentrating on the drills again this last week and can see a small improvement in the way I play the game.


Certainly from reading the additional information in George’s book (a must for all dart player’s) I now understand and feel when my stroke is good and bad and also I’m in a position where I am able correct it if the first dart thrown is poor. This is definitely slow going but I can feel benefit.


I’ve been concentrating on the drills again this last week and can see a small improvement in the way I play the game.


Don’t get me wrong I won’t be taking on the likes of Phil Taylor and beating him, but my grouping and consistency has without doubt improved in practice, especially if the first dart lands plum in the ‘Lipstick’.


Last night I played in our league in the Cup final, which as a team we won, now although I won my game 2-0 in 34 and 25 darts (50.95avg) which isn’t going to set the world on fire, but both times I set up a 1 dart finish and hit it first dart right in the centre of the double!


To be fair the venue the final was played at was crap and to maintain focus and concentration was a nightmare for all of us, but I think spending the hour’s, and I mean hours, practicing on your drills was what helped me win.


BTW, I did get that ‘valuable’ practice on Friday night, played one guy best of 13 legs, won 7-0 with a 60.12avg and best game I had was 16 darter.


I shall report in again soon!



Hi George, I’m still playing and what a difference I have made to my game since been an original member of flight school.


We have just completed our Winter League for 2007/08 and although we ended up runners-up for the 3rd consecutive year my average has improved.


At the end of our Winter League for 2006/07 I had stats of:

Played 14, Won 7, Legs Played 36, Legs Won 17, Tons 33.74, Tons/Leg 0.93, Highest Finish 93, Fastest Game 18, Overall Average 50.91.


This season:

Played 13, Won 9, Legs Played 32, Legs Won 21, Tons 44.96, Tons/Leg 1.40, Highest Finish 83, Fastest Game 18, Overall Average 57.39.


As you can see a good improvement, but its all down to practice and more importantly the RIGHT type of practice. Thanks for the tips George.        

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