Well, I finally got a good long practice session in last night. I tried the finger flicking practice to perfect my release. Not easy. In fact, kinda painful. I have arthritis in my fingers and what this exercise teaches you is to get your fingers to ‘snap’ the dart at the release point. If you have sore knuckles is there an alternative? Normally when I throw, I have good follow-through but my fingers don’t open up much. My grouping’s good, targets hit isn’t terribly bad, well, my doubles kinda suck…but is this finger release an important requirement? I don’t wanna have to take pain killers just to throw darts.


George S.

The short answer is no, not if it hurts. Shooting darts shouldn’t hurt. Physical ailments such as arthritis, of which I have a mild case, can interfere with a person’s game but it appears that how you do it accommodates the arthritis and you get the groupings you do, so maybe the finger release is not something suited for you. Not everything is best for everyone and the point of it all is that you become satisfied that you are doing as well as you may expect too, which I hope is how you feel and that maybe you find help from some of the other drills and “stuff.” Please get back to me via email and we’ll explore this some more.


Like everyone else I need a little re-enforcement once in a while that Flight School “stuff” helps, and this report and other posts here, helped a bunch. I read so many posts on SEWA from people who are struggling with certain things which I know I talk about in Flight School, I get anxious about why they don’t get the point. Then this post shows up, among with the others here, and I get happy again. I got as much excitement from your experience as you, Wolf, well – maybe a different kind of excitement. I love it when I can think I might have contributed a little to someone’s success, even though all I did was suggest some “stuff” and they did all the work.


George Silberzahn: Wolf wrote Fri Apr 20, 2007 10:58 am    Post subject:


Please be careful that you don’t compete with yourself? That could be a disaster


Wolf wrote: I’m guessing that’s the whole idea behind Flight School, to keep the practices from being a competition with yourself? I can see how that would have a reverse affect.


George Silberzahn: OK, I can sleep tonight.

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