My feet hurt – I gotta sidown

My feet hurt – I gotta sidown


I recently bought a new pair of walking shoes. I do this every seven or eight years, whether I need them or not.


Since I’ve been seventeen I’ve worn shoes sized 8 ½ D. So imagine my surprise when the sales person asked if I would mind if she measured, after I said 8 ½ is the size shoe I wanted, just to be sure. I bit my tongue and said nothing, but – this person doesn’t think I know what size shoe I wear? Give me a break!


Surprise!! I looked at the measuring thingy and it showed my foot was size 9 ½?! The sales person looked up at me as I absorbed the news that I really didn’t know what size shoe I wear. She said she’d get the size I needed and be right back. There’s a trick to this – for sure! Feet don’t suddenly get bigger. It’s probably that they charge by the size now, or the shoes are made according to some model where every ones’ feet are smaller, or something. You can’t trust shoe sales people.


I again bit my tongue (I was getting tired of this exercise).  She could tell I was, ah – quizzical, and explained, in a non demeaning tone, that this happens quite often where a person’s arch weakens, the arch flattens out, and the foot gets longer. I took my teeth off my tongue.


A person’s feet can get bigger as you get older? Who knew?


So – what’s this got to do with darts you ask? OK, fair question.


I talk about eliminating distractions from the job at hand while on the oche and it doesn’t matter what the distraction is. One of the reasons I’ve quit playing darts so much is the bottom of my feet have hurt after standing for a period of time; which became a huge distraction. ‘Course the fact that my darts started flying like sausages (stolen from Dartoid), and I don’t feel like doing anything about it, has something to do with it too.


It wasn’t super disabling pain, just the nagging; – my feet are sore – kind of discomfort. I got to thinking about where I can find a seat and this gets in the way of wanting to compete or even watching darts matches. It interferes with being able to enjoy the competition because finding a seat where you can actually see what’s going on is not an easy thing to do. Which is certainly the case when watching LODs and tournaments.


Put this together with my observation that quite a few dart people who are a bit long in the tooth appear to be quite often looking for a place to sit and you come up with the answer to the “what’s this got to do with darts” question.


So – maybe as your longevity gets longer your feet do too, your shoes don’t fit and your feet hurt? Or maybe it really doesn’t have anything to do with longevity and it’s just that a person gets afflicted with plantar faciitis. Now there is name that’ll scare a person silly but isn’t really all that serious. We all have these plantars in our feet. It’s a ligament like band running from your heel to the ball of your foot. If your foot flattens too much or if it flattens too little the plantar can swell or ache and make a person downright bitchy, and distracted. But lucky for us dart nuts it is a distraction which can be eliminated without much hassle, most of the time. Get some shoes that fit your feet and go walking so your feet can fix themselves. They do that you know? ‘Course there are those times when it might be something more and a doctor needs to be involved but I’ll leave that alone.



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