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This Flight Schooler is getting all she can get

Hi George!! Hope you are well and having a great day!  So you asked me about ” putting this Dart in that hole”. Well I have practiced this and have been able to achieve just that. However, when you emailed me, I looked in my dart book and have not been practicing it per se.  I gave this some thought and I realized I have done this with my practice partner not even knowing it. Kind of like a second nature. The phrase is always in the back of my mind. I do get very excited when I achieve just that. When I can not do this over and over is when my frustration starts. I’m a little hard on myself when it comes to Darts.  Yes it feels amazing, I remember when I played Cutter( the Master darter I beat 5 times after 7 months of playing him) in Cricket, I had to get 57, I focused on an irregularity inside the triple 19 and hit it. Not really knowing that I just put my dart in that hole. So yes, I am adding that to my sessions again. Thanks for refreshing my memory.

On another note, I just read the howtodarts forum, and the piracy going on with your Flight School Program. You can put this on the website George. Why anyone would think these excersises are stand alone are missing out big time.  I have a coach, mentor and my personal cheerleader when I converse with George on stroke, putting that dart in that hole, all the voice instruction he sends via email.  You are missing out on the program as a whole. Also, it’s not like you have to be interviewed and then excepted  into the school. George welcomes anyone to the program. This isn’t something you want to short cut if you are really serious about the finer points in Darts. I truly never thought I would be shooting the wAy I am without George’s full program. Don’t cheat yourself here. You have a man who takes the time to teach and guide you in the right direction who doesn’t even know you, and truly cares about your progress. A man who was on the circuit of Dart events. Why not sign up and stop short changing yourself. It is well worth it. Having contact with George whenever I need him shows me his passion for Darts and the people who play the sport.

George I mean everywhere of this. When I go back and listen to your audio files for a tune up ( which is often) I am put into the right mental state.  Thanks again George for everything. And I hope this helps people to see the importance of this program.  Your Student and friend George!  If there is anything else I can do , please, let me know, any help I could give is so minimal to what you have given me!!  Talk to you soon George.

P.S. I’m trying to get a video together of my progress, once I’m done , I will email it to you! Would love your input!!



Anthony E

Bob S

Jay T

Larry B

Flight School sample

S 10 Dealing with a bad loss

Here is an answer to a Flight Schooler’s tournament experience.

Click on the S 10 Dealing with a bad loss.

Flight Schooler’s last step

To a Flight Schooler Sent January 14, 2013

Comments from a Flight Schooler

“Here recently, I’ve noticed that I’ve been playing the 10-ton drill so much that sometimes it’s just no problem. I was just curious if you had other drills at that difficulty level that you would recommend? “but I’ve started incorporating other games as well for the pressure side.”

Response from George S.

I’ve attached ‘C-9 Competing with yourself’ just to be sure you don’t start competing with yourself.

Comments from the Flight Schooler after his first win agains a ranked player

“have since started to play him regularly during the week which has really helped me with focus; I’m unable to replicate that
intensity (big surprise) and I was wondering if that’s usually the case with dart shooters or if that’s a sign of my sloppy practice. or just go back to the basics and it will come back real soon?”

Comments by George S.

Both of these indicate that what you need is more ranked players in your dart life, and more often. This is the third type of practice:
‘competition is practice for competition.’ You are beginning to experience a great thing in your dart life: you are running out of players who are good enough to make you sweat out a win. I suggest you consider playing challenge matches where you play someone a best of 51 (first to win 26). It looks as though you are ready, physically at least. Now you want to get your belief in your ability to outplay those who think they are better than you are, to be as good and reliable as your belief in your physical game. And the best way to do that is to compete.
And compete against the best you can find. I’m thinking that looking on the list of ranked players to find someone to play must allow you to feel very good about your game and the work you’ve put into it. I’m repeating myself with the ‘vB7 How good can you be’ attachment(I sent it to you before) but you may be ready to hear something in it that you weren’t ready for earlier. Same thing for ‘S4 The next level,’
attached. Flight School drills A1,A2,A3 are meant for perfecting your stroke, not for practice, and it sounds as though you have done that. A4 is meant for practice using your perfected stroke, and it sounds as though you are doing that too. It is now time for competing to perfect competing and it sounds as though you have begun that. From here out the sky is the limit and how well you control and maintain your focus is the thing at this point on. I have every confidence you will soon be on that list of ranked players.

Your cheerleader, George S.

Competitve improvement

It’s been a little bit since we last communicated so I thought I would send you a quick note to let you know how things are going for me at the line.
Throwing in the online webcam dart league has gone a long way in dealing with my biggest issue, which was nerves at the line. Just playing more live matches against other people with a little more than pride on the line has certainly helped.
My pub league averages have been rising as well. I have climbed back into the number one spot in the league following 3 solid weeks of performances.
Two weeks ago (this is a cricket/501 league btw) I tossed a 3.5 mpr average for the night in cricket and a 32 ppd average in 501. This past week I improved to a 4.2 mpr average for the night while my 501 fell back a bit to probably around a 26-28….didn’t really notice what it was.
The big story of this last week is we played a team that had the two guys that knocked my partner and I out of the state cricket doubles tournament and they went on to take second (we took third). I only played one match against the two as a pair but I threw a 5.6 mpr for the game to effect a bit of revenge.
Also one of their teammates was doing all he could to get in my head and distract me while I was on the line, but the more he did it the better I threw. Which is somewhat of a change for me since I have had a history of losing focus in moments like that, but I think I have learned to use that as motivation to focus even more.
I have my team state dart tournament coming up in two weeks. I have a lot of confidence going into this one. A different sort of confidence than I had going into the tournament last month. I normally do well in the team events, probably because I know I have partners to lean on when I am struggling, however this year I don’t expect to do much struggling.
I also changed darts after the tournament last month. The darts I am using now are a set I picked up quite a while ago. They have a grip setup that gives me a more consistent handle on the darts, where as my last darts I was probably holding them at different spots each time I picked them up.
All in all things are certainly going in the right direction. I know I have a long ways to go, but I think I see the path much more clearly now.
Your confident student,  Kevin

A conversation with a new Flight Schooler-Improving

I have a couple of thoughts on your comments.

First one on “I’m having a hard time figuring out what I need to do. ”  is that what you are experiencing is just normal. Your control of your stroke is erratic, as is to be expected, and one of the reasons is that you haven’t yet learned control of your focus, which is also to be expected. The physical part of delivering a dart to a dart board is not all that difficult but the part about span of attention is difficult. I’m guessing that for a couple of turns you have full focus, then after you’ve stuck a few darts where you want them, you shift into auto pilot. When you see the results of that – darts sprayed around – back comes your focus and the darts go back to behaving themselves. Your physical coordination does not leave you, it stays as it is, but your mind wanders without you knowing it. One of the things you are about with your practice is lengthening your span of attention. This is a critical thing about improving at darts. At first it is not so demanding because of the relatively big margin for error and that is what A1 is meant to help with.
“Granted, I’ve only done this two nights so far, but I’m not sure that I can see it improving much on the accuracy, when the consistency is obviously not there.” This is you recognizing what I’ve said above and it brings me to my second thought. I mentioned before that you are on a journey; this is part of that. Expecting improvement in two days, at least improvement you can see, is a bit ambitious. You are improving with every dart you shoot but the increment of improvement is very small. Be patient with your self and after a few weeks of A1 you will find it easier to run through the drill. Don’t stress over not improving because you are improving. Usually the visable improvement shows up in what seems like all of a sudden but has been happening all along. An analogy I like is with children, those you don’t see regularly.  They walk in the door, you see the growth and are surprised by it. If you are around them every day you don’t notice the every day changes so what has been going on all along hits you all at once.
Perfecting your dart stroke will continue to be a long slow journey with what seems like binary spikes, or jumps, in improvement but is in reality something which is going on during every one of your practice sessions.
You are improving, you are getting better.

An exchange with a Flight Schooler

Hi George,
Well it’s been another 2 weeks and I’ve been working on A2. I picked  this routine up very quickly (1st attempt only took 44mins to complete) and have been adding numbers on mainly 25, T16, D12, D6 as these 4 numbers seem to come up regularly in games and I’m down to the 30mins mark even with the extra numbers.

My routine now consists of A1 (keeping with this one as it helps the big numbers), A7, A2 and then a few games against the PC opponent.

My Grouping and Accuracy are beyond belief now, so much so that I can almost visualize where the dart going is going to land in the board before I throw it. My 3 darts when thrown are almost in the same hole each time or if not 1 of the 3 is no more than 3mm away from the other 2. I’ve tried to introduce the rest of the team to Flight School as
well as they are amazed at how far my game has come over the last 4 – 6 weeks, so hopefully you’ll be getting some new customers very soon.:)
I never thought that a practice regime could improve my game by this much and we’re talking a good 20 points on what I was throwing at before. I’ve been consistently throwing above the 80 mark and last night in my singles after 24 darts (1001 game) had 96 left. Unfortunately the other guy took out 100 in 2 darts to finish with a 26 darter. However, that gave me a 113 average for the singles last night and both our team and theirs were amazed by both of us since he finished with a 115.5 average as well.

Thank you so much George, I’m enjoying my darts even more than I use to.
Yours, Chris.

On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 1:08 PM, challengegeo

I’m thrilled at your success. These kinds of successes really make Flight School so satisfying for me.
I’d like to ask a favor. May I publish what you’ve said here? I will not use your name, unless you want me to, it’s just that others can gain encouragement from your experience and I’d like to share it with the world.
Your happy friend in darts, George S.
ps – I find that darts is so personal, so private, in the practice part of it, that each person needs to make the commitment on their own, as you have.
Enjoyment comes from showing in public, as well as in private, what has been learned in private. Your enjoyment doubles when you enjoy solitary practice.

Peaceful Sango

Peaceful Sango

Flight Schooler in Zimbabwe

February 2011

How Flight School is practice a different way

Flight School provides drills for learning how to control a dart’s flight path.

Flight School provides techniques for learning game strategies.

Flight School provides guidance for competing at the game/sport of darts.

Flight School does not teach a person how to play the game of darts.


Principle: Improve your practice to improve your game


Physical practice:

Drills are tasks to be performed.

Flight School is different from ‘practice games’ because of the Flight School mind set.

The Flight School mind set is like the one you have for taking out the trash.


When taking out the trash, you don’t analyze lifting, opening, tying and closing you just do those things and trash ends at the curb.  That’s the premise behind Flight School: shooting a dart is mainly intuitive. The practice routines let you learn how to ‘shoot’ a dart to where you want it without thought.


The drill becomes one more task to be done during your day.

Take out the trash then do the drill then do something else or see what’s on TV.


Do not compete with your self

A drill is not a contest to see how many targets you can hit, how many you can hit within so many minutes, which targets you finish first or last, or how many targets you have in your routine compared to someone else.


Psychobabble has limited application.

Physical practice is to learn how to stick a dart into a target anywhere on the dart board.

It is not to find out how your body coordinates the actions needed to get the dart to stick where you want it.

There is no need to know how you stand or lean or what your arm, wrist and fingers are doing in order to get the dart to stick into the target. What your arm, wrist and fingers are doing is none of your business.

You do not pit your self against the clock or a goal or a previous accomplishment or some standard of performance.

You just continue sticking darts into targets until it becomes – taking out the trash.

You can analyze your self right out of the game.


There are four physical practice drills: A1, A2, A3 and A4 each one leads to the next. A4 is similar to A1 but includes grouping of darts where A1 does not. Your progression through the drills lets you see how your skill is improving.


There are two other parts of Flight School which deal with the mental aspects (memorization) and competition aspects (emotional) issues of the dart game/sport.

About how this works

A conversation with a Flight Schooler included this.

When you work with Flight School drills you will by necessity correct any flaws in your stroke simply by having to do that in order to finish the drills. If you are twisting your wrist enough to affect the flight path of the dart you will stop the twisting without paying much attention to the effort. This is how FS drills work. You correct flaws in order to finish the drill and you make the corrections without over analyzing everything. Over time your stroke becomes perfected without paying very much attention to the minutia involved. 


I think you may be getting the gist of what I suggest by this time. You have apparently been focusing on all the things which are distractions instead of the goal of your practice which is to finish the drill by sticking the darts in the targets. Just let yourself be yourself. There is no right way; there is no wrong way, only the way you do it. Read the basics part of A02 introduction again.
Same goes for how you grip the dart.  Don’t make the mistake of making this more difficult than it has to be. The best foundation is how you do it without thinking about it. Just “shoot the dart.”

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