Flight School Help

Start the program by clicking Flight School Online at the top of this page. Read the introduction and listen to the audio file from George to get the details of his curriculum, and register for Flight School.

Clicking Flight School Online will put you into Part One.

Part One (A1 and A2) is available here on this web site, and fully documented in the Part One Download.

There are eight Flight School drills: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8. Four of these drills give you control over the flight path of your darts.

The drills for developing a feel for throwing darts to the dart board, which is referred to as your ‘Stroke’ are A1, A2, A3, A4.

Of these four – A1 and A2 help with developing a feel for the motion of your stroke.

Drills A3 and A4 will help you to use your stroke consistently and accurately. The remaining drills are A5 (adding authority to your stroke), A6 (Using your natural tendencies), A7 (Proficiency tests), A8 (Developing follow through of your stroke). These are available in Part Two which is done through your purchase of Flight School and personally communicating with George Silberzahn. There are Techniques in Flight School which deal with individual issues one may have, and George is there to provide you one-on-one consultation.

These issues vary from plateauing, making the shot in competition, Stroke 911 (emergency loss of stroke), the next level of good, importance of the draw, becoming as good as can be, dealing with 1-5 itis, being patient with yourself, dealing with a bad loss, hot straight and normal, using your practice techniques, when the student is ready, dealing with flyers and recovering your stroke during competition.


Flight School includes more than fifty mp3s, diagrams, documents and unlimited one on one interaction with George to address specific issues a person may develop.