Score Boards for A2

Inventive people have found ways to register A2 hits using creative methods.


A2 (Accuracy) with a Dart Master III as the score board: Eric Matkowski

First select the Cricket option for which game to play.

Then use the Cricket numbers on the Dart Master III to track target number hits. Taping a strip of paper on the DMIII with a list of the actual target numbers is helpful.

Using three hits as the number of hits required to close a target number you can have up to 14 target numbers in your routine and double up numbers if you wish (like T20). You may use both the player-one side and the player-two side of each number.

Example: Using my beginning suggested target number list: 60, 57, 40, 20, 54, 32, 16, bull

Use the DMIII player one 20 for 60; use the DMIII player one 19 for 57; use the DMIII player one 18 for 40; use the DMIII player one 17 for 20; use the DMIII player one 16 for 54; use the DMIII player one 15 for 32; use the DMIII player two 20 for 16.     For the Bull, use both player one and player two sides of the Target Master III Bull to prevent it from ending the game when it sees all numbers closed.


Using a laptop with Excel Bob Given created a work sheet for tracking target number hits. Available by request through

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