Flight School: A3 – Perfecting Doubles, Triples and Beds

Flight-School-Logo-MediumAt this level of Flight School Online you are arriving at A3 and the final six stages of completing this course. The following is an excerpt of A3. Consider the value that completing Flight School Online can bring to your game.

Practice is the part of darts with which most people have difficulty. I ran a survey of many dart people in several countries asking if they practice and how they do it if they do and here are some of the answers: It’s boring; I get frustrated; when I start missing I get angry; I don’t have time; after a few minutes I loose focus; what’s the point? All this confirmed for me that most people do not approach practice in a constructive way.

I think this approach to practice is the best of all the things I’ve discovered about darts and I write extensively about it in “DARTS Beginning to End” because it addresses so many difficulties with which people struggle. I have limited space here so need to talk about the mechanics of the drill but believe this: No matter how hard I had to struggle to finish the last number(s) in a session when I was wiping the blackboard clean I felt good. I did it! I finished the blasted things. Sometimes I’d stand on the oche considering whether I really wanted to shoot that first dart because I knew if I did I could not quit until I finished what ever routine I’d set up for myself. That commitment required that when I began missing numbers I couldn’t stop and it was during that period of time I really learned how to be a dart shooter more so than a dart player.

Truly knowing my stroke, learned during the this type of a practice session, combined with having learned how to switch from frame to frame, section of board to section of board, and having done it so many times, allowed me to punch out the end of a good three dart out as often as I did and will for you too.

Spot shooting is an integral part of “Accuracy” and should be understood. I write about it and there is a technique in Flight School which explains it.


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