Stage 1: Intro to Flight School

Flight-School-Logo-MediumA half-dozen years ago, George Silberzahn’s Flight School came out of nowhere and quickly established itself as the darts training program of choice. Today, more than 2,000 players – at all levels – in a couple dozen countries rely on George for his no-nonsense advice and tutelage, honed during his years as one of the top players in America. Best of all, for all this time George’s guidance and proven practice routines have been absolutely free to anyone interested in investing time at the board to improve their game.

It only seems reasonable – his love for the game and resolve to continue to give back notwithstanding – that to cover his costs George has reached the difficult decision to charge a nominal fee for Flight School. Indeed “nominal” is an understatement. For the cost of little more than a couple of drinks and a tip during a night of darts you can enroll or continue to receive the full benefits of Flight School and be certain to see improvement in your game.

With sets of darts running upwards of $100 theses days, shirts even more (and neither do squat to help you hit the mark), there’s not a better program or a better deal to be found anywhere in the world of darts.

Introduction to Flight School is no cost and once someone is satisfied with that, Advanced Flight School will carry only a one-time cost of $20 with more than fifty mp3s, diagrams, documents and unlimited one on one interaction with George to address specific issues a person may develop.


Welcome to Flight School!


Please listen to the following and Register Online to be fully enrolled.

What is Flight School? A two-part learning/training program with whatever personal assistance is needed from George Silberzahn.

Part One: Orientation and Basics- help clarifying flaws and weaknesses in ‘the way they do it’ in order to get “as good as can be, or want to be.” – No cost.

Part Two: Personal assistance and over 52 drills and techniques that specifically address the things identified in Part One – costs $20.00.

downloadPlease don’t post on-line anything for others. I know you have the best interest of others at heart but, all that happens is that I don’t get to give the others what Flight School has to offer: help specific to the problems they have.

All together there are 52 drills and techniques for issues for which you want help.

All techniques may be found in the Self-Analysis files.

Download all files for Part 1