Chris Bender

Name  Chris Bender

Age  42

Marital status  Married

City  Virginia Beach, VA


Occupation  Copier Service Technician


Tell us about the beginning of your interest in darts.  I’ve always had a dartboard since about the age of 10 but it wasn’t til 1989 that I walked into my neighborhood pub and there were six (6) boards up.  I’ve been hooked ever since.


In which league(s) do you play?  Tidewater Area Darting Association (TADA)


How far from home do you play? 5 miles.


How many days per week do you engage in darts?  When I first started, 6 nights a week.  Now more like 1-3.


What kind of darts do you use: weight/ brand?  23 gram Power Points


What other activity/sport do you participate in or watch?  Hockey and Football, BIG Philly fan


What is the most annoying antic you see from other dart players?  Bad tempers


Is league night too long, too short, just right?  Just right, about 3 hours


On which team(s) do you play?  Cricket & Bull


How do you pick a team to play on?  I’m the Captain and I recruit players


Which other family members play?  Wife and son


Tell us about conflicts darts create in home or work life?  Too many to list although it’s more the drinks than the darts


What keeps you playing darts?  I just love the sport of darts


What goals in darts do you have?  To win my next match and to avoid burnout.  Also to make a living promoting darts.


What has been your best moment in darts?  1993 Virginia Beach Dart Classic, a run through to the Top 4 before meeting Jerry Umberger.  2004 inducted into the Charity Darts Hall of Fame for my work as TADA Tournament Director.


What’s your advice to a newbie dart player?  Have fun, learn the numbers and practice.

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