Kevin Liebkemann

  Date: Wednesday, August 23, 2006 7:36 AM


  Name:   Kevin Liebkemann


  Age :  40


  Marital status:  Married


  City :  Jackson, New Jersey


  Occupation:  I am an attorney working at a not-for-profit company that helps people with disabilities.


  Tell us about the beginning of your interest in darts.  When I lived in New Orleans my friend Jimmy Brothers played in a league and the team needed an extra player.  They took me on and I ended up loving the game.  That was about 11 years ago and I have been hooked ever since.


  In which league(s) do you play?  I have played in a lot of leagues!  The most recent was the Old English Dart League in Philadelphia.  I have also played in the Pro League at the Quaker City English Dart League (Philly), Bergen County Dart League (New Jersey),  several in-house leagues in New Jersey (Big Shots in Keansburg, Mulligans in Farmingdale).  When I lived in New Orleans, I played in the Greater New Orleans Dart Association, the Jefferson Parish Dart Association, and a soft-tip league run by Ron Gordy.I currently play in tournaments under USA Darts.


  Which other family members play?  I am teaching my 4-year old to throw Velcro balls at a board.  He calls them his “darts” and he likes to throw them when I am practicing at home.


  How far from home do you play?    I have to drive a long way!  When I play in Philly it is about 45-50 miles.  When I play in New Jersey it is about the same. I live out in the country in what I laughingly refer to as a darts  “dead-zone” between two very good dart areas (Philadelphia and Northern New Jersey).


  How many days per week do you engage in darts?  I play league once a week, and I put some practice time on the board most days. I also go to a few weekend tournaments every year.


  What kind of darts do you use: weight! brand?  23 gram Unicorn Phil Taylor darts.


What is the most annoying antic you see from other dart players?  As a lawyer with trial experience I am used to all kinds of antics and head games, and I know not to get annoyed or distracted by them.  People who do that only distract themselves from the game, and such tactics only “work” if you let yourself get more distracted than them.


Tell us about conflicts darts created in home or work life?  None!  If anything it is good for my family. I get some good time out with my friends, and my wife Margaret gets a break from me once a week!  That is healthy for any relationship.  My work as an attorney can be demanding, which limits the time and energy I have for practice. However, I don’t really view that as a conflict. I like to do both, so I am enjoying myself.


What goals in darts do you have?   I don’t have any long-term goals in darts other than to enjoy playing. With my current work and family obligations, I know that my practice time is limited and I have to pick and choose the events I can go to. That is not to say that I am not competitive and do not want to win.  I usually see an event I would like to play in, and then prepare for it by stepping up my practice.  I do what I can to be ready to give my best performance.


What has been your best moment in darts?  There have been so many!  It’s hard to pick a best one. I have won events, and had some good performances. However, my favorite moment in darts was when Laurett Meddis threw a birthday party for my 40th birthday this year at a World Series of Darts Qualifier. A lot of my friends were there and helped me celebrate.  That was a lot of fun.


What’s your advice to a newbie dart player?  Decide what you want from darts.  If you want to compete at a high level, get a good book on darts, and find the best competition that you can. Watch the good players and learn from what they do.


What would make your league better and more fun?  The leagues I have played in are great.  I have no recommendations for change.  They are responsive to the people who play, and they generally put all their money back in for the players.


  What does the sport need to help it grow and improve its image?  Cut out smoking and excessive drinking at big events where there might be press coverage.  To grow? Look at what England does.  Make darts spectator friendly and get media coverage.


  How far would you travel to see national championship playoffs?  Anywhere in the country if it was at an interesting vacation location where I could bring my family


  Which game would interest you most in a national championship: ( )301,(x )501, ( )Cricket


  Should a national championship be best of ( )3, ( )5, ( ) 7, ( x ) 11  or more.

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