To George


I was working on breathing tonight. Exhaling on the release. I seemed a lot more relaxed during practice and my scores were fairly good. This begs the question, just how important is breathing to your game. When do you do it? How do you do it? So how important is breathing to your game? 


From George


One upmanship, “banter” and other joking little “tricks” to distract the lesser aware players were part of the whole thing at the time I was playing serious darts. And one of the more obvious “tricks” that would sometimes be used was to ask, during the warm up before the match: “Do you breathe out when you shoot? Or hold your breath?” Or some other silly question. The wiser players laughed and said something about the questioner’s ancestry, or family. The unaware would either consider what was asked or wonder why such a thing would be brought up, but they allowed their focus to be distracted, big mistake!

To take from something in my past: keep your eye on the doughnut not the hole.

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