It takes understanding

It takes understanding


Jan 2008 You know? Tae posted an excellent line, where he brought into focus something I’ve been seeing for a while. It has to do with “when the student is ready, the teacher will come” and “How To Master The Sport Of Darts” being a manual for how to go about learning our game more than being just a read.


I’ve been told so many times that someone has read and reread “How To” and just recently the reason for that struck me. All along I’ve believed “How To” is packed with great stuff but I’ve not seen the work as someone who is looking at it for the first time. I’ve just finished reading it. Haven’t done that for a long time. And bam, the light came on (or penny dropped as some say).  It required a certain mind set when I read it in order for me to see what I’ve taken for granted all along.


It’s like me while I was trying to make a come back at the game. There are bunches of things I used to just take for granted with my game but now have to work at making them come to life. It also explains why I’m asked about video once in a while too. Opens a whole nuther perspective to me. Thanks to everyone for all your great questions!!


Tae wrote: LOL…


I loved hearing that from you George. It’s totally my own experience. I read something one year and think I understand it. I go out and do it, practice it religiously until it is perfectly natural. Then I go back a bit later and read the same stuff and it means something different. Not something different in print or even in action but rather in feel. It’s as though one grows into an understanding of what is actually meant. Our understanding improves just a bit behind our ability. First we hit big numbers and then we chase those big numbers. Eventually our understanding of how we did it in the first place catches up to what we have been doing and then we hit some bigger numbers. The writing is all there but our understanding of the writing improves with our ability to throw our darts.


June 2009 With all that’s been included in it “DARTS Beginning to End” will provide many more Ah – Hah moments and opportunities to read through looking for the answer to the issue of the moment.


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