Just throw the dart



 The only thing I can think of that I might have started doing is bending my wrist back more than a couple of months ago. The wrist motion isn’t sloppy, but there is more movement than say back in September. Is there such a thing as too much wrist drive, from the standpoint of range of motion, not power? One other sign that I’ve been bending my wrist back more is that I’ll hit my chin with the flight, at full draw, a dozen times a night. Any ideas?


George to odiesnitch:


The problem you have may be thinking about how you are delivering the dart. If your concentration is distracted even a little bit the effect will be seen in where your dart lands. When you practice, and certainly when you compete, try focusing on your target only. Ignore your hand and arm. You may be at the point where you just let it happen. Exaggeration of any movement or position is, most of the time, contrary to your natural tendencies and, with bending your wrist, that may be what you are trying force. Sometimes the hardest part of things is shutting off your thinking and going with your instinct, which may by now include the elements of your dart delivery that your natural stroke wants.


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