What consistency

Still on target


Here’s what I hear you saying: you are trying to compensate for inconsistency with more practice. When you are off there are two choices as I see it: accept it’s going to be a bad night or get your stroke back in line.


 Instead of concentrating on where you want to put a dart you might be spending too much energy thinking about how you are delivering the dart. I think it’s a discipline thing since you may already be able to “feel” and “know” your stroke. I think you already have the dedication you need since you know you have good follow through and are conscious of keeping your elbow up but miss low and lunge!


I suspect your inconsistency can be fixed with the right practice routines. Over time the right routine will diminish the periods of when you are “off” by perfecting your stroke during practice so it’s as natural as breathing.


 In the beginning of yourself it took you nine months before you could breathe on your own, but of course you didn’t have your concentration interrupted very much during that time, so this beginning of your dart self may be similar.

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