Chris – AKA Hitman

I’ve just recently received and read through Darts beginning to End. I never realized how much I was competing with myself while I practiced until after reading the book. I’ve only been playing darts consistently for just over a year. Where I live there is a soft tip cricket league divisions A-F in the fall and and A-D in the summer. I’m down toward the bottom.

During the fall my team won the E league division and I shot a 2.01. I’ve been playing a lot since¬†then and am currently shooting a 2.35 in the summer league. Lately I’ve been getting frustrated because when I play someone for drinks in singles I shoot between 2.8-3.1 avg. and beat some decent “throwers” but during leagues when there are breaks between my shooting I don’t fair so well. I strive to be a great “shooter” and beat the best in my area which there are a few players who shoot slightly higher than a 4.0. George really hits on the positive reinforcement in his book which is key to becoming more consistent. The grouping and accuracy drills I feel have already helped me, even though I’ve only had the book for such a short time. One of my problems also was changing my mechanics over and over when I started to miss, this was a mistake and thanks to George I will be able to start fixing these kinds of things….hopefully.

George your book is a great buy. I can’t wait to be shooting with the best!

Thanks, Hitman/Chris

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