A great success story and endorsement of B2E

Subject: Best Dart Book ever!
Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:15 am

My opinion is Darts Beginning To End By my mentor George Silberzahn. Why? Well it covers how,what, why.
Many books are just an autobiography of what the guy did and to be honest I wanted something to show me how to play the game, discuss ya grip, your equipment, your stroke, your mental game, Dart exercise routines that aren’t boring and too hard for beginners. A way to progress from Beginning to end. And you get to e-mail and talk to the author !!!!! about questions and actually get
answers!! Of course ya get some of his and others experiences. What to avoid , what to do if say this is happening to you. Simply said if read and applied you will be the best you can be. George has dedicated much of his life to advancing darts and helping people. I just wish I was younger when I met George. His stuff works I’m living proof .
I was in my early sixties when I bought the book and took up Flight  School.
First season placed in the top ten shooters in top league! Next season vote MVP for team and place again in top ten shooters.
Next season Voted MVP for team , TOP shooter in league and won the championship!
Since have been in top 10 shooters. Won 11 trophies and or awards in 2 years of playing.
I play steel but was asked to play in state soft tip Tourney – Placed second in the State.
Enough already, but you get the idea ! Oh its lots of practice btw and not all wins but I just have to give credit where credit is due to my Friend and mentor George Silberzahn and the book “Darts Beginning to End” and Flight School”

Below in my signature is site to join flight school and its free for God’s sake!!!
Thanks George ! Larry Allen

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