Best Instruction Book


I have found “DARTS Beginning to End” to be the best book I have found for instructional purposes, and with the most and most useful content in regard to practice and improvement of one’s game. This book has supplanted my former one as my “go-to” reference for when I want some technical clarification, or to reacquaint myself with fundamentals of execution.


With this book, it is very true that one can go back to it and gain a new and better understanding of what it is intending to impart to the reader.


As far as the practice content, there’s enough in there to keep me challenged for years to come.


Mainly at my present skill level, I find the initial assignment Flight School (outs) keeps me busy enough.  I have not practiced every single day without fail, so I do practice grouping still from time to time before working on the other routines.


I have seen improvement; it is a great feeling (sometimes feels almost surprising) when I’m in the groove and can place my darts with barrels touching or nearly so– mind you it’s more of a rarity than commonplace, but it happens whereas it never used to. Shots at the bull or triple 20 are becoming more reliable; it’s feeling more and more that the dart can end up where I’m intending to place it. I’m hoping to tighten-up yet more, and to get much more consistent in execution and outcome. 


Robert Saltiel

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