It Works!!!

I talked to my captain early before our match on Thurs.  His response was “ok, you get the max tonight and we’ll see what you can do” I shot 3rd in the Oh-1 lineups and ended up doubling in 3 of the 4 Oh-1 games I shot in.  I also took out 3 of the 4.  My cricket game was amazing as well.  I was completely in the zone.  They shot first, hit 2 20’s.  I shot next, hit 6 20’s!!!!!  They shot, I forgot what they hit.  My partner shot gets 1 19.  When it was my turn again, I hit a double 19, trip 18 and trip 17!!!!!!  This is NOT my norm.  I was way HOT.  That being said I contribute a lot of it to being mentally prepared to rise to a challenge as well as the practice I have been putting in.  I owe a lot to you and your books in my young career.   I have competed on a national level in volleyball.  I am also a certified bowling coach and carry an avg. generally around the 195 mark. 


The only reason I mention these things is because I always try to broaden my knowledge from books in sports that I have really achieved in, but have never read ANY book in any sport I have played that converts so well to practical application.  GREAT WORK!!!!!!!   Thanks again!!!!

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