George Silberzahn

George Silberzahn achieved the highest level of play during his years of active competition. On American “Baseball” Darts, he had the rare distinction of shooting at a “fifty average” level. In the global play of British-style “Steel Tip” Darts, he was ranked in the top ten in America during much of his career.

1972 Cleveland Dart Extravaganza1 2nd Doubles
1973 American Dart Federation 1st Singles
1973 Cleveland Dart Extravaganza 2 2nd Doubles
1973 Greater Delaware Valley Dart Assoc. 1st League Team
1973 USDA New England Open 1st Singles
1973 USDA Open,John Jameson Cup 2nd Doubles
1974 Golden Gate Classic 2nd Four Person Team
1974 Schmidts Classic 4th Four Person Team
1974 South Jersey English Dart Club 1st League Team
1974 USDA International Darts Classic 1st Singles
1974 USDA Open 2nd Doubles
1975 Bermuda II 1st Doubles
1975 Bermuda II 1st Mixed Doubles
1975 Bob Theide Tournament 2nd Singles
1975 Central Jersey Open 1st 4 Person Team
1975 T.D.I 1st Mixed Doubles
1975 USDA Open National Championship 3rd Singles
1976 Ohio State Championships 3rd Doubles
1976 SJEDC 1st League Team
1976 USDA Open 2nd Singles
1977 Burma Road1 2nd Singles
1977 Central Ohio Darters Cricket Championships 1st Singles
1977 Cleveland Players Meet 4th Singles
1977 Cleveland Open 1st Singles
1977 Harbor Inn Fools Day 1st Singles
1977 My Way 1st Singles
1977 Ohio Dart Bar 1st Singles
1977 Ohio State Championships 1st Singles
1977 Tom Bates Memorial 1st Doubles
1978 Burma Road 3rd Singles
1978 Central Ohio Darters Championships 1st Four Person Team
1978 Cleveland Extravaganza 1st Mixed Doubles
1978 Eastside Couples Lg 1st
1978 Ohio State Championships 2nd Doubles
1978 Ohio State Championships 2nd Singles
1978 Unicorn National Championships 3rd
1978 Unicorn National, Great Lakes Div. 1st
1978 USDA Open 1st Four Person Team
1978 Washington Area Open 1st Four Person Team
1978 Windy City Open 1st Mixed Triples
1978 Windy City Open 2nd Four Person Team
1979 ADO-BDO Queen Mary Team
1979 Cleveland Championships 1st Singles
1979 Lakewood Darters League 2nd Singles
1979 Royal Canadian Legion 1st Singles
1979 Royal Canadian Legion 1st Doubles
1979 Rums of Puerto Rico 3rd Doubles
1979 Rums of Puerto Rico 2nd Singles
1979 Salty Sea Tournament 3rd Mixed Triples
1981 SJEDA Outstanding Player : Most tons, outs, cricket scores
1984 First State Dart League 1st League Team
2004 Old English DartLeague : Mr Senior Philadelphia 1st 1st Annual Event