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When goals aren’t good

In darts – do not anticipate – review!  Competing with your self comes about by setting a goal then anticipating reaching it. Anything short of reaching that goal results in disappointment to some degree so setting goals which you can’t be certain you will attain nurtures lack of confidence. Choking results from a lack of confidence.

Flight School maxim

The Greg Maxim:

Don’t tinker with the way you do it and leave your tools alone, be tinkerless- stay focused.

A list with no order

>People with opposite dominate eye, if not told about it, just go about playing the game and don’t even know it.


>Competition ‘good’ is limited without practice ‘good.’


>The first two steps to becoming as good as can be are to perfect your stroke and know into which hole you want the dart to stick.


>Your body takes time to make changes and that goes for dart training also.


>Physical practice is where you perfect your ability to ‘put this dart – in that hole’ and competition is where you learn that you can do it against people: gain confidence. 


>Practicing with team mates is not something which improves your ability to put the dart in the hole but does improve your ability to do it against people after you’ve learned to do it in the first place.


>A belief of Flight School: Everything good comes from the forward stroke, everything prior to that has very little to do with accuracy.


>How your arm, hand and wrist go about getting the dart into the hole is none of your business.


>Just let yourself be yourself. There is no right way; there is no wrong way, only the way you do it.


>Don’t make the mistake of making this more difficult than it has to be.


>The best foundation is how you do it without thinking about it.


>Just “shoot the dart.”


>When your focus is on the hole it should be easier to be your self.


>Getting tangled up in mind games over minutia which really does nothing to help improve your game is one of the slipperiest slopes in darts and starting down this slope of distraction kind of sneaks up on you.


>The job of ironing out the infinite dance of coordinating muscles is assigned to your subconscious.


You can never really know how well the next dart will be shot.