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Soft tipper making progress

I would like to thank you for showing me the proper way to practice. I have been trying to find a good practice routine for years now. Nothing i have tried before has worked the way i would have liked it to…UNTIL NOW.
After years of playing in local tournaments I entered my first regional soft-tip tournament this past weekend. I didn’t expect to place in the top 8 in 501, or top 12 in cricket due to the caliber of throwers that were there (around 250 men entered). I have been using the practice tasks you sent me and they worked way better than i could have imagined. I am now able to finish the A3 drill (17 targets total) in just over an hour each day, and those drills helped my confidence in the regional when i really needed to hit.
I would like to get more insight on 501 and cricket strategies, and also have a look at the “perfecting Scoring” drill. I may not be quite ready for the intensity of that drill, but i believe i am extremely close now.
Thank you again for providing me with your insight to the game and bringing my game to a new level i thought i would never reach.

Flight School pirates

I’m posting this for those who are reading our posts but have not decided to enroll in Flight School but are tempted to go the ‘short cut’ route. Please understand there is no ‘short cut’ to bettering your game.

I’ve been sending the upgrades of Flight School to those who have enrolled prior to the upgrades being made and feed back suggests there is some piracy going on. Apparently there are some who are sending the drills to others. I don’t know the motivation for this but I’m pretty certain they are short on full understanding of Flight School.

The administrators of FS have an understanding of the scope of FS but very few enrollees really have that, unless they’ve gone through the entire program, so the person getting ‘pirated’ bits and pieces is being short changed, I fear. Please join us and share your experiences so more can benefit from what you get out of Flight School.

AP 1975 Sports Almanac pg 250


Introduction and Welcome

What’s it all about (this website)?


The information here is intended to help you to learn and understand the game/sport of Darts.


You will be able to understand the kinds of people who have Darts as a part of their life.


You will be able to understand what kinds of organizations are involved in Darts.


You will be able to maximize your enjoyment of Darts.


There is information here you may use to improve how well you play this game/sport.


There is a lot of information here for you to dig around in and from which to learn/improve. Please do, dig and poke around, and let me know what you think.