Flight School pirates

I’m posting this for those who are reading our posts but have not decided to enroll in Flight School but are tempted to go the ‘short cut’ route. Please understand there is no ‘short cut’ to bettering your game.

I’ve been sending the upgrades of Flight School to those who have enrolled prior to the upgrades being made and feed back suggests there is some piracy going on. Apparently there are some who are sending the drills to others. I don’t know the motivation for this but I’m pretty certain they are short on full understanding of Flight School.

The administrators of FS have an understanding of the scope of FS but very few enrollees really have that, unless they’ve gone through the entire program, so the person getting ‘pirated’ bits and pieces is being short changed, I fear. Please join us and share your experiences so more can benefit from what you get out of Flight School.

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