Soft tipper making progress

I would like to thank you for showing me the proper way to practice. I have been trying to find a good practice routine for years now. Nothing i have tried before has worked the way i would have liked it to…UNTIL NOW.
After years of playing in local tournaments I entered my first regional soft-tip tournament this past weekend. I didn’t expect to place in the top 8 in 501, or top 12 in cricket due to the caliber of throwers that were there (around 250 men entered). I have been using the practice tasks you sent me and they worked way better than i could have imagined. I am now able to finish the A3 drill (17 targets total) in just over an hour each day, and those drills helped my confidence in the regional when i really needed to hit.
I would like to get more insight on 501 and cricket strategies, and also have a look at the “perfecting Scoring” drill. I may not be quite ready for the intensity of that drill, but i believe i am extremely close now.
Thank you again for providing me with your insight to the game and bringing my game to a new level i thought i would never reach.

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