Cumberland County Dart League

Cumberland County Dart League

Contribution by Jim Demarest, President – 2004

The center of our league is Millville NJ, and we have a limit of 25 mile radius around the Millville city Hall. We go over that a bit. We have 78 to 80 members on 11 teams. And 90% of our members have been in the league 5 to 7 years, and I guess 20% ever since the league started.

It’s hard to describe a typical member, they’re dart shooters, a variety of people. There are no divisions it’s a handicapped league, with women and men on the teams.

We have a President, Vice President, and Secretary Treasurer, and a Rules committee chairperson. The Secretary is paid. Four or five volunteers help when I need it.

Officers are all kind of new. I’ve been president almost a year. I took over for another because they couldn’t take care of stuff. They had a special election to put me in there and that’ll stay that way for a couple of years. The other President was there four years.

I’ve been shooting eight years so the league has been around probably eleven.

We’re not part of any national association. We’re small and have to get big enough to apply for it.

Because there are probably thirty percent of us in this league that’s shooting in another other league we have them right at hand to talk with but one’s handicap and the other is traditional so we run different.

Membership is $15 a year so at least once a year they have to pay $15, every week the sponsor pays $6 dollars and the members put in a couple of dollars, so there’s $21 each week from each team. I just put in sort of a 50/50 so 100 members put in $10 a month and we use the New Jersey lottery’s Pick three number’s last two digits, drawn the first Tuesday of the month, to determine who wins our drawing and wins $500. I try to get them to pay three months in advance but it’s hard to get them to do that.

We have a whole stack of rules, ten, twelve pages. It explains everything that goes on with the league, what it costs, how it works with handicap players and so. The way we enforce the rules is to penalize the team points because it hurts them at the end of the session.

The games are 501 two man team, then three cricket games two man teams, then a two man 501, then we’ll have two single cricket games, then we’ll shoot a 601 three man team, then we’ll go to two man cricket, then two single 301 games, another two man cricket then a four man 701 game and that’s the total for the night. The home team has to put their line up down first then the away team gets to match up the way they want.

The first and third Saturday of the month I hold a luck of the draw at one of the bars, double elimination. None of the money goes back to the league.

I hold a meeting once a month to talk about how much money has been spent out so they know how much we’ll have at the end of the session for prize payouts. We divide the total pot by the number of games played to see how much each game win will pay. Usually each teams gets $2 a point. I make captains sign in and if I don’t see their name signed in they loose five game points.

The league doesn’t have anything to do with who plays on teams. They sign up with who ever they want. There is a limit of six players for a team because we want the league to expand so there will be more teams. You have to have four to play.

There’s letters put out each week that tells what’s going on and they go to captains and places where they shoot. Sometimes I contact members by phone. We plan things for the league six months ahead. I have a picnic scheduled for August 10th and I started that back in January.

I get gripes but it’s always about the same thing and from the same person and he’s not even a captain so I ignore him half the time. So I asked, are you a captain, and he says no, so I said go to your captain and take the gripe up with him, then he’ll talk to me, that’s the way it’s supposed to go.

I’d like to see more teams getting in. I’ve been working on that with two or three different people to get them to put teams in. I go into different establishments and talk to the owners and see if there’s a dart board, then I really talk to them and they want to know what kind of profits are they going to make off of it.

Guys will be in a place where we’re playing and want to know how they can get involved and that’s the way we get new members.

Sponsors have to maintain a clear area to shoot, new boards and lights and get the members to have fun. The rules committee goes around and checks the places.

We have a picnic to get the members together on a Saturday or Sunday and have a barbecue, horse shoes, get away from darts. We give pins for cricket nines, and ton eighties, and this year we gave beer mugs with their name on it for high in, high out, most tons and for the highest percentage shooter in the league. We used to give trophies but people complained about it so I got beer mugs.

When you first come into the league you’re automatically rated as a C shooter, then according to your win percentage, you can be at another skill level, from A to F. Each skill level of shooter has a range of percentage like an A is from 1000 to 751, B is from 750 to 510 and like that. That system has been in place since the league started and it seems to work pretty well. If an A shooter plays a C shooter in a singles game the A shooter has to give up two marks in cricket and 25 points in Oh – 1. Every change in skill level gives up two marks or 25 points so if an A shooter plays an F shooter they give up 10 cricket marks or 125 points.

Camaraderie is the best thing about our league. Friendship, good times through throwing darts on Tuesday nights is the fun.

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