Illawarra District Darts Association

Your Name(s) Illawarra District Darts Association

Position/Office none

League’s Base City Wollongong, Australia 26 teams Longevity of members 60-80 years of age

Is there a Clubhouse? Yes it is a 2 storey gaming Venue

Geographic Boundaries of the league 50 square kilometers

Describe a typical member, happy, politically minded, well behaved but most of all, a good sport (all 260 of them just about)

Number/ Longevity of directors and their titles 10 years

Who’s Paid? President, Secretary & Treasurer

# of committees: 3

Is your league associated with a national organization(s)? Yes, the Darts Federation of Australia

Income: Capitation (playing Fees) = Membership dues $3 per week per man, $2 per week per women, life members are free Sponsor fees nil

Fund raising events? Yes for local Homeless families during presentation nights

Rules-Bylaws: Type/ Size; 10 pages and Constitution Most violated rule Arguments in Finals Enforcement procedures Player fronts disputes committee and they deal with the person and report the event to the committee

Sponsor’s responsibilities/ Verification procedure of sponsor compliance. NIL

Number of scheduled meetings: Once every 2 Months. Reason(s)To keep the Association running smooth Attendance. 26 Delegates (one per team)

How are teams placed in divisions? How are players placed on teams? A Grade=8 B,C,D=6Teams, player amount varies from team to team

Membership contact procedure. Committee

On which night(s) do you play? Tuesday Nights Who does the schedules? IDDA Committee

Games format per division Triples=801 open out double in, Doubles 601 Open out, Double in, Singles 501 Open out Double in

Do you hold Tournaments/LODs/special competitions? Yes we do, we have a LOD at the end of the year for $1,500 and numerous Tournaments from single, double, fours and Mixed Doubles throughout the year

Do you have instruction or coaching programs? No

How far ahead do you plan? 2 months at a time

What Needs/problems are there? Getting money back that was stolen from past Secretary

What advances/additions/goals are planned?

To get our money back by the end of 2006 so in 2007 we can run more tournaments with bigger prize money

Are there historical records/record keeping Yes

Is there a Hall of fame? (Yes Life membership)

Hall membership requirements. Serving on the Committee for 10 years and or serving the Association prestigiously for 25 years

What recruiting efforts are there for: Players, Directors, committee members, sponsors .

All of the above are voted for

Do you have Banquets/ picnics/ affairs? End of year presentation Nights, team dinners

Are there recognition awards for teams/individuals? Yes, for efforts throughout the season

What’s the best thing about your league? Good sportsmanship

What’s the most aggravating thing about your league? The politics which is hurting us at the moment

Why should a person want to be a member of your league? Because we enjoy the game and have good comradery

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