Women of Philadelphia English Dart League

Women of Philadelphia English Dart League (WOPEDL)

Contribution by: Gail Flaherty: President and Joyce Hamilton: Vice President – 2004

“Our league is in North East Philadelphia, Fishtown and the surrounding area.

We have sixty five members on ten teams. The league has been around for twenty eight years and the majority of the women have been members for a long time but it’s been a while since we’ve had a new team of women. Our members are working class, over thirty, beer drinkers, middle to lower income, most women hold jobs and are married.

We have two divisions now but we used to have A, B, C, and D. Our division 1 is Philly’s better women shooters.

There is a women’s advanced league that is separate from us so we don’t need a division for better players and although some of our members play in that league we are not affiliated with them.

We have eight board members: four Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer; and four board members who serve as a grievance committee who are voted on every two years. They handle grievances unless it comes from within their division, then I call captains from another division. No one is paid but officers do not have to pay dues. We haven’t had a grievance in over three years.

We have people from the Quaker City English Dart League who volunteer to help us when ever we need it. Our Treasurer has been in office since the league started and the person who was President before me was President eighteen years.

Captains are selected when nobody else wants to do it. There isn’t anything specific to be a captain and the duties are spelled out in the by-laws.

We have dues of $50 per year for members and sponsor fee is $20.00 per month or $160.00 season.

Under the umbrella of the QCEDL we are associated with the American Dart Organization (ADO). Being new officers we’ve been looking at whether things done in the past have been the right thing to do, but we don’t want to change a whole lot of things right away. We work closely with the QCEDL and the Women’s Advanced Singles League.

Our rules are six pages which cover playing situations and six pages of by-laws which cover positions definitions, dues, objectives, and duties of board members.

Start time is the most troublesome rule to enforce. Getting our division 2 teams to start a match before 9:30 is difficult. Out of the six teams in that division there are three teams who are always there early and three teams who don’t walk into the bar until 8:30 so by the time they get situated it’s quarter till nine . We changed our forfeit time so it is now 8:30.

We don’t have a whole lot of problems that would make us enforce the rules. When things come up at meetings we handle those things right then and there. We’ve had chats with captains and if that doesn’t work the rule says the team can forfeit the thirteen games. That’s the difference between women being social shooters and serious shooters. We would kick out a team that wouldn’t follow the rules. That has happened where a whole team was banned for two years.

Sponsors just have to pay the dues, set up the dart board and lighting, and make sure the women aren’t bothered by patrons when they are playing.

The captain decides who will play. The ideal is to have four girls who will show up, that way every one plays the same number of games. There is a maximum number of games a girl can play and it is nine, and there’s a rule the requires every one there gets to play.

We play thirteen games: 4, 501; 6, 301; 3 cricket, one and done. We play on Monday nights and the captain decides who will play. The ideal is to have four girls who will show up, that way every one plays the same number of games except for the last cricket. A girl can play a maximum of nine games, and there’s a rule that requires that every one there gets to play.

We have a traveling league and I, the President, do the scheduling. I just go by my calendar and fill in the dates. We use a website that tells how to schedule, when we need it.

We hold six scheduled meetings a year to get score sheets, collect dues and talk about what ever comes up. Sometimes they only last ten minutes. As little as we are if someone misses a meeting they are penalized five points and if a team misses three meetings they are gone, and that is enforced.

We know how well everyone plays so we know which team to put in which division, even if girls switch teams.

Last year I sent out flyers to bars in the city and all the women on the rosters of QCEDL thinking I’d get responses. We didn’t and we’re hurting for players. I know it is not the league itself. I think it’s because people just can’t afford to go out. We used to run Bring a Friend shoot we called an inter divisional shoot, but everybody brought someone who was already playing so that didn’t help.

We contact the membership through our captains or call them on the phone. Standings go by email unless they don’t have a computer, then they are snail mailed, and the standings are posted on the QCEDL website.

We have a place on Phillydarts.com website where we post our standings or a luck of the draw, or anything extra.

Our planning covers a whole season. We need more members and we want to run some dart shoots because I really think people might come to them in Philly. We have a goal of getting the girl friend shoot back where a member brought somebody who didn’t play the game and they were your partner. We have been asked to have instructions for our members but we haven’t done it yet. We have a couple of girls who likes to grip, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s still aggravating.

Our hall of fame is under the QCEDL so another one would just be a duplication of effort.

We are going to recruit new sponsors with the help of a bar owner who is going to take us around and introduce us to other bar owners who might be interested. We aren’t going to bother mailing flyers again. We’re not going to recruit more board members because if they are like us we’ll just but heads and we don’t need that, lol.

We have a banquet once per year where we present individual awards: President’s award for great improvement, Diane Lucera Maier award for dedication to the sport and sportsmanship and we have trophies for ton eighties, ton seventy ones, and high on and off and middle. Then every one receives a trophy and certificates for weekly high on and high off.

We have a very good time on our dart night. It’s a shame that more women don’t realize they need that one night a week out with the girls. So many women give up their whole life to raising their kids and taking care of their home and they forget about taking care of themselves and loose who they are. Just the night away is probably the best thing about our league.

It is really fun and we have a great time on Monday night. We are best friends.

Info about our league is found on Phillydarts.com”

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