Jim Kinee

Name                           Jim Kinee


Age                              57


Marital status                Was at one time


City                              Lansdale, PA


Occupation                   Network Administrator


Tell us about the beginning of your interest in darts.  I’m originally from South Philly and got hooked on American Baseball at around 8 years old.  I was actually hustling (or getting hustled) in bars and clubs before I was 18.  I never got to play American in a league until two years ago – up in the BuxMont area.  I picked up English Steel-Tip in the early 70s in Washington DC and stuck with that until around the summer of 2000.  Then, it was soft-tip as that was about all there is in my area.  Now, it’s almost exclusively soft-tip for leagues and two or three tournaments a year.  And of course, every January I play steel at the Chesney.


In which league(s) do you play?            LACDL – Soft Tip Electronic Darts                 


Which other family members play?        My daughter (28)                                


How far from home do you play?          .3         miles.


How many days per week do you engage in darts?        Only seven or eight.  Mostly just the days ending in “Y”


What kind of darts do you use: weight/ brand? Pirhana            


What is the most annoying antic you see from other dart players?           Beating the boards and the walls or just throwing the darts at the wall when a player is upset.


Tell us about conflicts darts create in home or work life?  I bought a new watch that goes from 1 to 14 so I could get in a few extra hours of darts each day. 


What goals in darts do you have?  Just to enjoy!


What has been your best moment in darts?  I lived overseas for 10 years and played in some awesome tournaments in the Netherlands and Belgium.  I even managed to win a few.


What’s your advice to a newbie dart player?  Learn to enjoy the game.  You don’t have to enjoy getting your ass kicked but you can learn to have fun while it happens.


What would make your league better and more fun?  More say in how the league is actually run.  Bring back games like Shanghai that make you hit a particular inning at a time – no slop.


What does the sport need to help it grow/ improve its image?  Get the WSOD back on TV.  More local tournaments with little or no prize money or entry fees.


How far would you travel to see national championship playoffs?  Probably just to my TV or the big screen at the bar.


Which game would interest you most in a national championship: ( )301 (X)501 ( )Cricket


Should a national championship be best of  ( )3 ( )5                   ( ) 7                  ( ) 11


How about 5 or 7 in the first rounds and 11 or 15 in the later rounds. 

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