Ken Grabey Sr.

Name Ken Grabey Sr.


Age 45


Marital status Married


City Hazleton PA


Occupation  Quarry Operator Foreman


Tell us about the beginning of your interest in darts.  Started  at age 15 when my grandfather took me to a bar and showed me how to play. Ever since then I have been shooting  darts


In which league(s) do you play?            Panther Valley League  American Darts


How far from home do you play?          15 to100 miles.


How many days per week do you engage in darts?        League night and tournaments on the weekends.


What kind of darts do you use: weight/ brand? Widdy-darto-apex whatever they give you to shoot.


What other activity/sport do you participate in or watch?           Occasional English  dart match


What is the most annoying antic you see from other dart players?

When they talk s–t to you and if they don’t do any good they throw there hat on floor and whine like a baby. Or they try to talk to you when your at the line.


Is league night too long, too short, just right?      To long we shoot with 6 shooters


On which team(s) do you play?                         Nesquehoning Fire House No.1


How do you pick a team to play on?                             I was always asked to shoot.


Which other family members play?                                My sons on occasion.


Tell us about conflicts darts create in home or work life?

Home life is okay. Tournaments start to early so I have to take of half to an hour off of work.


What keeps you playing darts? I love shooting darts and seeing all the friends I made over the years.


What goals in darts do you have?          To shoot five or better every inning.


What has been your best moment in darts?        When I shoot a 50 game.


What’s your advice to a newbie dart player?     Don’t try to copy anybody. Develop your own shooting style.

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