Paula Bushey

Name  Paula Bushey


Age  38


Marital status  Married


City  Virginia Beach


Occupation  7-11 manager


Tell us about the beginning of your interest in darts.  I got interested in darts after meeting and becoming friends with George Sizemore.  He got my husband Archie and me to go to a luck of the draw and we have both been hooked ever since.


In which league(s) do you play?  TADA


How far from home do you play?  Any where from 2 miles to 500 (tourneys).


How many days per week do you engage in darts?  3-4


What kind of darts do you use: weight/ brand?  27 gram KCs


What other activity/sport do you participate in or watch?  All sports.


What is the most annoying antic you see from other dart players?  People who must try to belittle their opponent or  are bad losers & winners.


Is league night too long, too short, just right?  Just right.


On which team(s) do you play?  Bit of England’s Just Trippin’


How do you pick a team to play on?  The personalities need to gel.  Also, people who can help me better my darts.


Which other family members play?  My husband, Archie.


Tell us about conflicts darts create in home or work life?  None.


What keeps you playing darts?  The love of the game and the ability to help newcomers the way I was helped.  Also, the relationships I have formed thru darts.


What goals in darts do you have?  To one day beat Stacy Bromberg and Marilyn Popp, to be top 10 in the country.


What has been your best moment in darts?  Playing would have to be winning Ladies Doubles Cricket with Lisa Shpritz at the Hall of Fame Tourney in 2005.  Also being able to watch the 1st WSOD live at the Mohegan Sun.


What’s your advice to a newbie dart player?  Just have fun.  The darts will come if you practice.  Don’t take yourself or the game too seriously

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