How important is how your wrist is cocked?

A question in Flight School: How important is how your wrist is cocked before you begin your draw? Whether your wrist is cocked at the beginning of the draw or at the point when you pause briefly should not be of concern unless you suddenly find all your darts sticking differently, and that wasn’t a problem before.

A belief of Flight School: Everything good comes from the forward stroke, everything prior to that has very little to do with accuracy, unless something suddenly changes.

Like beauty, the pause in your stroke is in the eye of the dart shooter. Hold it just long enough to focus on the hole you want to put the dart in. The length of time you hold the pause changes to fit different situations. When you’re really on and popping ’em it’s relatively short but in pressure situations it can get longer. The thing is – don’t think about it, just let it happen, unless your darts suddenly begin sticking at odd angles, or low.

If this occurs try consciously cranking your wrist back and in line with your target spot at the pause point to see if that fixes the problem.

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