What – me worry

What? Me Worry?


From George


OK, so you’re going to a tournament. And you’re not so sure of yourself.


If you’ve been using my suggested practice routine this is where it will show. The concentration it takes and the repeated times you’ve done it in practice should come to you no matter what game you are playing.


The advantages of steady, right and real practice should show when you need it. Too many people think hitting big or personal best scores while playing games and calling that practice is a good thing when it is really only feel good stuff. I think – anyway.


And – this is only one tournament. People have good days and bad ones and either way, this is just one time on the road to raising your game to higher levels. I hope you are nervous and excited, and practically tingling all over on the day of the thing. God how I miss that!!!!! 


Best of luck, make sure you let me know how it goes, please.

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